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Thank you for taking the time to explore and comment on The Music Outpost: Licensing Music on the Sonic Frontier. Your comments will help us to improve our site and our company, to make it easier for you to find and license unique, innovative, and high-quality music for your projects.

You're currently looking at the 2015 Launch version of the site. We'll be continually updating this site to bring you more selections, adding new music by dozens of other exciting composers / artists on a regular basis. So come back to visit us frequently!

In your feedback, we look forward to your comments on tagging and search terms, ease of use, what you like and/or don't like about the site, and/ or any other suggestions. If you'd like to see more music by a certain artist, and more music of a certain style, we'd also like to know that. We greatly appreciate your time and help with this exciting new venture, and we promise to keep you informed about new developments.

***The information that you give us will not be shared with any other parties, and will only be used by us to enhance the functionality of The Music Outpost.***

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(i.e. TV, animation, documentary, feature films, commercials, video games, multi-media art projects, theatre, dance, etc)

Find Music Page

On the "find music" page, did we miss any tags/descriptors that you would like or need for your searches?

On the "find music" page, did we include any descriptive terms that you think are unnecessary and should be deleted?

The 'Tempo' search feature currently refers to the entire track - not just the site sample. It refers to Slow, Medium and Fast Tempo, and Variable. Is this sufficient for your needs? If not, please let us know what your would like.

Do you need other search features that we don't currently have?

Artists Page

The "Recommended if You Like" feature allows you to find Music Outpost artists that are similar to other well known artists. Do you have any suggestions to improve this function?

Favorites Page

Once you compile a list of "favorites" music samples, you can email them to yourself or another person. The Music Outpost does not retain your list of favorites once you leave the site. Would you prefer that the site permanently retain your favorites, but required you to register and sign in?

General Feedback

We're hoping that The Music Outpost will be used by media professionals in a broad array of industries, including the movie/film/tv industry; theatre companies; dance companies; fashion designers; game designers; and advertising for companies involved in tech, automotive, fashion and beyond. Speaking as a media professional who needs to find music for your film/media/advertising projects, what do you like about The Music Outpost site? What do you not like?

Do you have any other suggestions about improving our site better, or making your search easier and more productive?

Thank you again for your time and comments!
– The Music Outpost Team